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Fitness Counselling

A path is necesarry to work upon, we make right path for you by discussing your lifestyle and more, and make a best way to acheive your health.

Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition, The most important side of health, We design it for you according to your lifestyle and convenience.There's no other way you can achieve your health and goals without proper nutrition.

Online Personal Training/ Home Personal Training

When you are at home, thinking to be train yourself well, but the right trainer you know is away from you! that is why online personal training we are offering for you. while you are sitting at home, and connecting with our trainer for your training aspect.

Special Population Fitness Training

Designing exercise programs for special populations requires first and foremost that you understand the needs and limitations of the particular group. Special populations each have their own needs, and they can differ widely. For example, while those with osteoporosis require a focus on weight bearing exercises to improve their bone density, the approach when working with woman pre and postnatal would be completely different.

Rehabilation Training

Injury is something we could all encounter through life. Pulled muscles, rotator cuff injuries, running aches and a number of other fitness related injuries or even broken bones or dislocated joints.

Sports Performance Training

The Sports Performance Program will simply make you a physically better athlete. This program will help you develop power and explosiveness, and strength. Your coordination, balance, and flexibility will also improve. You will be taught how to do the Olympic lifts correctly and will utilize plyometrics and other sport-specific lifts and exercises during your training to make you game or competition ready.


A Brief Introduction to the Director, Writer, Mentor of BMXFIT.COM
I am a New Delhi based Fitness Professional. With 10+ years of experience in teaching, training and continuing my education, I have transformed Hundreds of lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes. Somewhere along the way, I became and “Influencer” and thanks to my background in Science, I am Fitness Lifestyle Model, and Spokesperson. As my interest in fitness grew,I continued to study about my passion" fitness". It’s been an amazing journey, and well worth the trip! I use my science background to educate and motivate people towards a healthier life – one that embraces movement and getting a handle on their nutrition. I use my vast knowledge of fitness, to help products create authentic content with value. -

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