The goal of nutrition counselling is to help a person make and maintain dietary changes. The nutrition counsellor and individual work together to assess current eating patterns and identify areas where change is needed.  

 BMX fitness is a recognised health professional with the qualifications and skills to provide you with expert nutrition and dietary advice.

 BMX fitness uses the latest scientific evidence to develop personalised plans to help you reach your goals. Plans are tailored to you, the individual, whatever your lifestyle. AM will provide you with expert nutrition and dietary advice on easy ways to eat healthier and achieve goals faster.

 BMX fitness specializes in treating obesity , Diabetes, Gastro Disorders, Anaemia, Celiac disease and  other chronic lifestyle ailments .

Nutrition counselling involves following steps.
Assessing dietary habits

Assessing body weight 

Identifying changes needed 

Identifying barriers to change 

Setting goals

Finding support  

Maintaining changes .