There’s lot of complications while training a special case or rehabilation of muscle or ligament injuries, they are specifically watched under supervision and worked towards effectively.
If you’re ready to start exercising again after an injury or illness, our trainers can provide a safe, effective and structured program to help you reach your fitness goals, increase your chances of recovery and rehab, improve your quality of life and help you avoid relapse. 

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Depending on the type of injuries you may have, there will be certain exercises and movements that you will not be able to do and we will only prescribe a program that is safe and effective and one which is based on your specific abilities and history. We analyse every exercise in relation to the specific injuries a client has who we are working with so that we can select the correct exercises for each and every client.

The information that you provide will help us work out the best way to help you achieve your goals in the safest way possible and allow us to prescribe a program that takes into account past injuries, training history, training goals and other physical limitations. 

Our training methods will see you improve muscular weaknesses and imbalances with the use of corrective exercise techniques.

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What are you looking to really achieve this year? For many, getting ‘fit’ is something many of us yearn for, but find plenty of excuses to avoid! With us as your Rehabilation Trainer, you will get guaranteed results with no fad diets, and no compromise to your overall well-being.

No matter what level of fitness you are starting at, with personal guidance, a well structured nutrition plan and a fitness training programme that is tailored specifically to your strengths or weaknesses you can now fully challenge your abilities to achieve your personal fitness and health goals whatever they may be.
Personal rehabilation training is not just for the rich and famous, it works out great value for money when compared to a gym membership that you hardly use. My personal training service guarantees you an individually tailored exercise workout to help you establish recovery from injured muscles that is varied, motivating and rewarding without the wasted gym membership!